Security Fencing

O’Connor Fencing Ltd has Thirty- four years of extensive and wide ranging experience in manufacture, supply and installation of security fencing, hostile vehicle mitigation measures (HVMM) and associated civil work.

Our customer base, both public and private sectors, includes nuclear sites, military bases, prisons, utilities, schools and industrial premises. We have maintained a continuous presence on Nuclear Sites in the Northwest for the past thirty four years engaged in security upgrade, refurbishment and replacement. During this period we have retained the same senior management, supervisors and a number of our operatives such that the company body of knowledge and experience is unique. All of our personnel are SQEP (Suitably Qualified and Experienced Persons) for their respective roles and are fully conversant with the requirements, practices and culture of the nuclear industry.

We have worked closely with the Home Office and CPNI and we have developed a high security weldmesh fencing system in Partnership with Betafence Ltd.

Download Securifor 358 DS 2 Product Sheet 

Our manufacturing/fabrication facility in Whitehaven consists of a fabrication shop of 3000 square metres, an adjacent unit of 2200 square metres and a stock yard of 4500 square metres. The units contain two 5 Tonne overhead cranes and all of the equipment, machinery and tooling associated with fabrication and engineering.

We have to date fabricated tens of thousands of fence posts, gates and ancillary products, up to grade S355 steel utilising independently certified and customer approved welding procedures and welder qualifications.

We have to date installed/erected hundreds of kilometres of security and high security fencing and HVMM at the aforementioned sectors, all to the satisfaction of customers.

Our supply chain, primarily steel supplier, weldmesh, barbed tape, galvaniser and coating specialist, are intimately involved in the contract requirements and scheduling such that, despite the very high volumes of materials, deliveries are on time and to the required quality (defect rates are below 0.01%)

Our Whitehaven facility has also been assessed and vetted to hold List N documents.